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10 March 2014

Gregory Isaacs Reggae Legends Vol. 2

Gregory Isaacs - Reggae Legends Vol. 2

4 CDs box set including : Private Beach Party, Red Rose For Gregory, I.O.U. & Victim

Release Dates: UK : March 10th //  RoE: March 14th // FR : April 14th

Catalog #: VPCD2481

Four original albums collected together in reproduction sleeves give an extensive overview of the Cool Rulers 80's return to form. Three massive Music Works sets from top producer Gussie Clarke along with a magnificent Roots Radics propelled Redman collection.
Includes the hit singles Rumours, Let Off Supm, Report To Me, Mind Yu Dis, Too Good to Be True… and features special guest appearances from Jimmy Cliff, The Mighty Diamonds, Carlene Davis and Mutabaruka.

Private Beach Party was a 1985 return to form for the legendary Cool Ruler, propelling him back into the charts with the title track. Produced by Gussie Clarke at Dynamic & Music Mountain its success saw a number of the album tracks become stables of his late 80's live set.


Produced by Gussie Clarke at Music Works, 1988's Red Rose For Gregory is one of the Cool Ruler's most successful albums containing four of his biggest hits Rumours, Mind Yu Dis, Teachers Plight & Rough Neck all here in full 12" mixes.

CD3 – I.O.U.
Massive follow up set for Gussie featuring the big hits Too Good to Be True & Report To Me

Roots Radics backed set for Redman recorded at Channel One, includes the hits Rosie & Mr Music Man

1/ Private Beach Party
1)     Private Beach Party
2)     Wish You Were Mine
3)     Feeling Irie (feat. Carlene Davis)
4)     Bits And Pieces
5)     Let Of Supm
6)     No Rushings
7)     Better Plant Some Loving
8)     Special To Me
9)     Got To Be In Tune
10)  Promise Is A Comfort

2/ Red Rose For Gregory

1)     Red Rose For Gregory
2)     Teacher’s Plight (12” promo mix)
3)     Break The Date
4)     Rumours (12” hit mix)
5)     Slow Down
6)     All I Need Is You
7)     Rough Neck (feat. The Mighty Diamonds) (12” street mix)
8)     Intimate Potential
9)     Me No In A Dat
10)  Closer Than A Brother
11)  Mind Yu Dis (12” manners mix)

3/ I.O.U.
1)       Report To Me
2)       What’s The Matter
3)       Too Good To Be True
4)       Fall For You Again
5)       I.O.U.
6)       Can’t Make A Slip
7)       Hard Road To Travel (feat. Mutabaruka)
8)       Express Love
9)       Fatal Attraction
10)    Break The Ice
11)    Easy Life
12)    Big All Around
13)    Jealously (feat. Jimmy Cliff)

4/ Victim
1)       Victim
2)       Surrender Yuh Love
3)       Rosie
4)       Mr. Music Man
5)       Special Someone
6)       Loving You Ain’t Easy
7)       Howdy Ho
8)       Welcome To My Room
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