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4 February 2014

Terry Linen "Welcome To My World"

TERRY LINEN Welcome To My World

Release Dates: UK: Feb. 3rd // GAS & RoE: Feb. 7th // FR: March 3rd  

Catalog #: VP1985

Terry Linen is back with a new album produced by the Joe Fraser Crew (Lloyd & Michelle Campbell and Fabian Smith), presenting a variety of classic love songs, covers and original compositions. The music is smooth and the mood is silky for this romantic reggae interlude. Featuring the lead singles “Klub Lippa” featuring Kiprich, “Have To Get To Know You” and his remake of the classic Toots Hibbert hit “Bam Bam”.

TERRY LINEN Welcome To My World

1.     As If I Didn’t Know
2.     Have To Get To Know You
3.     Venus
4.     Your Body Is Here
5.     Welcome To My World
6.     Bam Bam
7.     Juvenile Tribal War
8.     I Look To You
9.     I’m Different
10.  Shoop Shoop
11.  Not Used To You Like That
12.  Por Favor
13.  I Can’t Change
14.  You Look Like Love
15.  My Heart Goes Out 
16.  Klub Lippa (feat. Kiprich)

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