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27 January 2014


4 CDs box set including:
Prince Jammy “Computerised Dub” | Two Friends Crew “Voyage Into Dub”
Shane Brown “Juke Boxx Dub” | Alborosie “Dub Clash”

Release Dates: UK : Jan. 20th // GAS & RoE : Jan. 24th // FR : Feb. 14th

Catalog #: VPGSCD7012

The final volume in Greensleeves’ critically acclaimed series of CD box sets spotlighting key moments in the evolution of dub.

The four speaker-disturbing dub sets include PRINCE JAMMY'S game changing COMPUTERISED DUB album from 1986, VOYAGE INTO DUB a first time ever CD collection of some mind juggling TWO FRIENDS CREW (Mikey Bennett & Patrick Lindsay) dubs bringing the dub story up to date, JUKE BOXX DUB a new set from SHANE BROWN that gives the likes of Morgan Heritage some dub treatment and rounding of the set is DUB CLASH from ALBOROSIE a limited edition tour sale CD from 2010 at last being made available for all.

The four albums are collected together in card sleeves in a themed box that includes a 12 page booklet with sleeve notes by reggae historian Noel Hawkes.

1/ Prince Jammy “Computerised Dub”

 1. Synchro Start
 2. Interface
 3. 32 Bit Chip
 4. Auto Rhythm
 5. Peek & Poke
 6. Megabyte
 7. Wafer Scale Integration
 8. Crosstalk
 9. Modem
10. 256K Ram

2/ Two Friends Crew “Voyage Into Dub”

 1. Roughneck Dub 
 2. Morning Blues Dub 
 3. Fooling Around Dub 
 4. Dub Licensed To Kill 
 5. This Dub Will Self Destruct In 3'53"   
 6. Dub You So Hot
 7. Gun Thing Version
 8. Your Dub Should You Choose To Accept It 
 9. Bubbling Sweet Tonight Version 
10. Another One For The Road Version
11. Rough Dub
12. Mouth Almighty Dub
13. I'm Your Lover Man Version
14. Guilty Dub 
15. No More Walls Version 

3/ Shane Brown “Juke Boxx Dub”

 1. Freedom Dub
 2. Judge Dub
 3. Politician Dub
 4. Run Dem Dub
 5. Straight Dub
 6. The Oscillator
 7. The Statement
 8. Stylish Dub
 9. Can’t Sleep Dub
10. Forbidden Dub
11. Go away Dub
12. Chaos

4/ Alborosie “Dub Clash”

 1. Tribute to The King
 2. Marcus Dub
 3. Dubbing Kingston
 4. Cocaine and Dub
 5. Minstrel Of Dub
 6. Augustus Legacy
 7. Selassie I Son
 8. Can't Stand Dub
 9. Dub in Baltimore
10. Send Dem Dub
11. Loudness Is My Drug
12. Global Dub
13. Real Dub Story
14. Space Echo Malfunction
15. Dubbing in Love
16. Double Bubble

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