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2 December 2015

Jacob Miller Who Say Jah No Dread

Jacob Miller
Who Say Jah No Dread

Global Release Date: 4th December 2015
CD Cat no: VPGS70352 / Box Set Cat no: VPGS70387

Jacob Miller's Who Say Jah No Dread is one the most highly regarded of all original Greensleeves albums. For this re-mastered deluxe edition the original Augustus Pablo produced 12 tracks have been joined by 10 more cuts including a number making their CD debut. Features newly commissioned sleeve notes from Harry Wise to compliment Ian McCann's original notes in an informative 12 page booklet.

A must own 7 x 7" box set collecting together the complete set of Jacob Miller's legendary and elusive Augustus Pablo produced singles. Produced by Pablo at Randy's & Dynamics and mixed by King Tubby these six original 70's sound system weapons are augmented by the first official release of "Some Of Them Say Them A Rasta" a woofer testing exclusive cut as a special for King Tubby's Hometown Hi-Fi. All these classic vocal sides are matched with killer King Tubby dubs including the iconic "King Tubby Meets Rockers Uptown'

CD Track Listing:

1. Keep On Knocking (Jacob Miller)
2. Knocking Version  (Rockers All Stars)
3. Black Gunn (Augustus Pablo)
4. Brown Jim (Augustus Pablo)
5. False Rasta (Jacob Miller)
6. Commercial Rasta (Jah Butty)
7. Hungry Town Skank  (Rockers All Stars)
8. 555 Crown Street (Augustus Pablo)
9. 1 Rutland Close (Augustus Pablo)
10. Baby I Love You So (Jacob Miller)
11. King Tubby Meets Rockers Uptown (Augustus Pablo)
12. 132 Version  (Pablo All Stars)
13. Who Say Jah No Dread (Jacob Miller)
14. Jah Dread  (Rockers All Stars)
15. Stop Them Jah (Pablo All Stars)
16. Each One Teach One (Jacob Miller)
17. Each One Teach One Version (Pablo All Stars)
18. Girl Name Pat (Jacob Miller)
19. Girl Name Pat Version  (Augustus Pablo)
20. Some Of Them Say Them A Rasta (Jacob Miller)
21. Some Dub Plate  (Augustus Pablo)
22. Lightning Flash (Augustus Pablo)

Vinyl Track Listing:
1A: Keep On Knocking (Jacob Miller)
1B: Knocking Version  (Rockers All Stars)
2A: False Rasta (Jacob Miller)
2B: Hungry Town Skank  (Rockers All Stars)
3A: Baby I Love You So (Jacob Miller)
3B: King Tubby Meets Rockers Uptown (Augustus Pablo)
4A: Who Say Jah No Dread (Jacob Miller)
4B: Jah Dread  (Rockers All Stars)
5A: Each One Teach One (Jacob Miller)
5B: Each One Teach One Version (Pablo All Stars)
6A: Girl Name Pat (Jacob Miller)
6B: Girl Name Pat Version  (Augustus Pablo)
7A: Some Of Them Say Them A Rasta (Jacob Miller)
7B: Some Dub Plate  (Augustus Pablo)

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