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28 October 2013

EEK-A-MOUSE 'Eek-Ology' (Reggae Anthology 2CD/DVD) - Out Now

EEK-A-MOUSE Eek-Ology (Reggae Anthology – 2CD/DVD)
Release Dates: UK: Oct. 28th // GAS & RoE: Nov. 1st // FR: Nov. 4th  
Catalog #: VPCD5016
Eek-A-Mouse (born Ripton Joseph Hylton) was one of the most unique talents to emerge from the Jamaican reggae scene in the 1980s. The Mouse's inimitable vocal flow combines an unconventional melodic approach filled with rhythm and humor. His unmistakable half-singing, half-deejaying (rapping) style inspired the term "singjay". 
Eek-Ology is a thoughtful selection of essential hits and rare gems from Eek-A-Mouse's extensive catalogue during the prime of his career. The anthology features early recordings like his 1979 breakthrough anthem Once a Virgin produced by Joe Gibbs, Modelling Behavior produced Linval Thompson and his string of '80s hits with producer Henry ‘Junjo’ Lawes (Virgin Girl, Wild Like a Tiger, For Hire and Removal, Do You Remember and Ganja Smuggling).  Fans can also be treated to a selection of rarities, including Eek-A-Mouse's earliest releases Creation, My Father's Land and No Wicked Can't Reign all making their CD debut.

Other highlights include a previously unreleased four-song BBC John Peel session from 1983, multiple 12" mixes and an epic DVD featuring his exquisite live stage performance at Jamaica's 1982 Sunsplash
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EEK-A-MOUSE Eek-Ology - Track list
Disc 1

1.     Virgin Girl ^
2.     Once A Virgin ^
3.     Een A Moy ^
4.     Creation *
5.     My Father's Land *
6.     No Wicked Can’t Reign *
7.     Noah s Ark
8.     Wa-Do-Dem
9.     Tell Them
10.   Falling Heroes
11.   Ganja Smuggling
12.   Operation Eradication (12” mix)
13.   Georgie Porgie
14.   Do You Remember (12” mix)
15.   For Hire And Removal (12” mix)
16.   Christmas-a-Come

Disc 2
1.     Sensee Party
2.     Some A Holla, Some A Baw
3.     Neutron Bomb
4.     Anarexol (12” mix)
5.     Modelling Queen
6.     Stadium Hot
7.     Terrorist in the City
8.     Wa-Do-Dem (BBC John Peel session) ^
9.     Hitler (BBC John Peel session) ^
10.   Assassinator (BBC John Peel session) ^
11.   For Hire & Removal (BBC John Peel session) ^
12.   Star, Daily News & Gleaner
13.   Wild Like a Tiger
14.   Taller Than King Kong
15.   Rude Boys A Foreign
16.   Tek Wey
17.   Let There Be Night

* First time available
^ First time available on CD
DVD Live at Reggae Sunsplash 1982
1.     Ganja Smuggling
2.     For Hire And Removal
3.     Neutron Bomb
4.     Assassinator
5.   Wa-Do-Dem

Please note this release will also be available on vinyl at the same date, except in France where it won't be available.

EEK-A-MOUSE Eek-Ology (Reggae Anthology – VINYL)
Catalog #: VPRL5016 

Side A
1. Once A Virgin
2. Virgin Girl
3. Een A Moy
4. Creation *
5. No Wicked Can't Reign *
6. My Father s Land *

Side B
1. Rude Boys A Foreign
2. Taller Than King Kong
3. Tell Them
4. Neutron Bomb
5. For Hire & Removal

*Available for the first time 

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