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28 May 2013

SIZZLA - The Messiah

The reggae legend breaks new ground with 70th album
Release Dates: UK: May 27th // GAS & Rest of Europe: May 31st // France: June 17th
One of reggae's most prolific artists Sizzla returns with his 70th album The Messiah (Kalonji Music/VP Records).
Since his emergence in 1995, the enigmatic vocalist has undeniably put his stamp on the genre regardless of the current style or trend. His latest effort showcases his musical depth, passion and precision in partnership with Bread Back productions

Mostly written and executive produced by Sizzla himself, Kalonji's full scope of talents are displayed on The Messiah. With a fresh perspective in 2013, the man on a musical mission inspires positive change worldwide on this 15-track collection. His social commentary on songs like Chant Dem Down, No Wicked Man and Psalms 121 reveals his daring bravado and righteous lyrics, while his melodic anthem Good Love unveils his softer side.

The buzz around this release has already been circulating his native island. Sizzla recently told the Jamaica Gleaner this "spiritual conscious album" compares to his early classic Black Woman & Child, released in 1997 on VP Records. He also told the Jamaica Observer why he makes music like this compelling collection. Sizzla proclaims "I do music to free the people, unite the world, heal the children".

Okayplayer's Large Up gives us a sneak peek this week of Good Love stating that the song shows "the singer hitting all the right notes on the old-school R&B influenced ditty".
You can listen to this track on their website, here.

If you want to buy it, here's an iTunes link : 

THE MESSIAH : Track Listing

  1.    Psalms 121
  2.    Look How Many Years
  3.    Center Of Attraction
  4.    No Wicked Man
  5.    The Messiah
  6.    Chant Dem Down
  7.    Dem Nuh Business
  8.    Suffer So Much
  9.    Good Love
10.    One Life
11.    Children Bless
12.    May Di Powerz
13.    Need You Right Now
14.    What A Joy
15.    Better Come

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