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24 April 2009

Sizzla & The Firehouse Crew - Ghetto Youth-ology. IN STORES NOW

Reggae’s beloved musical genius, Sizzla Kalonji, delves deeper into his cultural and spiritual ideals with the highly anticipated opus Ghetto Youth-ology, set to be released on April, 21, 2009 with Greensleeves Records. This cohesive work of art serves up an array of blissful culture songs entirely produced and backed by The Firehouse Crew, Sizzla’s live tour band who has provided some of the his biggest songs to date. Sizzla’s riveting, pitch-shifting timbre matched with the famous Jamaican band’s spellbinding rhythms creates a rare harmonious fusion throughout the album’s entirety and rivals with some of his best work up till now.

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Check Out Ghetto Youth-ology HERE
Download It Here:Sizzla - Ghetto Youthology