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17 December 2008

Win Cd's at

Dear Fan,
We got something special for you, just you (and our friends)! If you set yourself up on you will have the chance to win 3 hot new albums
Anthony B – Rise Up ......... All Dig Down Page
Fantan Mojah – Stronger ........ All Dig Down Page
Mr Vegas – The Hits........ All Dig Down Page

This is a very small competition, so you have a big chance. But, even if you don’t win, you will still be one of the first people in the whole world wide web to become part of the next new best thing: all dig down, the digital entertainment universe.
Join us in being part of this very exclusive community, filled with professional musicians (like us), writers, and genre gurus. Check out our new Music Studio on all dig down.
Over the coming months, we’ll be adding lots of interesting news and reviews and rich content. What you can do now:
- you can check out the music we listen to by looking at our entire music Library (from our personal iTunes!)
- this is not a myface or spacebook kind of site; although it does have all of the social stuff you know already, but this community is about sharing what you read, the food you love, the music you listen too and much much more
To register to win (and join our community):
1) email:
2) enter your FIRST NAME & LAST NAME and ANTHONY B in the SUBJECT line
3) you will receive a registration email that gives you tour instructions (how to explore the site) along with an activation link
4) click on the activation link
5) go to the splash page at and login using your email address and the password
6) you will now have an automatic entry into the draw to win Tickets to our show at The Scala, 20th February 2009.
Once you’ve registered, you’ll get your own alldigdown ‘House’ page where you can start building your new identity in the world of the culturally curious . And to really make things interesting, all dig down will pay you a 10% share of any revenue earned through traffic on your page. So the more you share of who you are, the more money you can earn. all dig down pays musicians too; the first site of its kind to be totally legal from the first day... paying people like us for our creative content!
Search no more. Simply discover.
Please note new users need to be over 18 to register