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18 June 2008

Jah Thomas - 12" Rulers (interview)

Listen to sound samples here
What was your inspiration when making the tracks featured on the ‘’12” rulers?
Musically mi always like the ghetto style, ya nah. Where did grow inner Jamaica was lil ghetto, so I was just inspired by from what I did see.

How did you come up with the concept of joker smoker?
The ting that did inspire me when writing that tune, is a time I spent in England, me did role with 1 yute that used drive me around, so everyday me used to link up with him, and him always used to beg a spliff or beg me a rizla or even a cigarette, so me just call him a joker smoker.

Are you pleased with the outcome the album?
Yes mi very pleased with the outcome of the album, mi feel say it shows mi as an artist and as a producer. It’s going to well

On your album you worked with likes of Triston Palma, Little John and Bunny Lie Lie, Are you still in touch or work with theses guys?
Yeah man me still friends with dem, and mi still record tune with dem. were planning to do a reunion tour very soon.

What’s your relationship like with Europe and the U.k?
Well I haven’t been over to Europe since 1999, but still have contact with lot friends in England, most notably blacka Dread. In terms of the rest of Europe tings are good, mi av people from all across Europe send me request for mi dub plate dem and send dem out.

How would you describe yourself, to people that are not too familiar with Jah Thomas?
When mi ah produce a song, mi work closely on the concept with artist, mi nah just produce the song and give it to the artist, mi work them on the melody and the versus. I see myself more than just a producer.

What have you got planned for the future?
Recording some new stuff for the midnight rock reunion, and to record some more modern stuff,